Salty Liquorice Moresorts 165g

Salty Liquorice Moresorts 165g


Our Salty Moresorts is a classic mix of salty liquorice. Each pack contains a variety of flavours of unique salty liquorice imported from Sweden. Salty liquorice is extremely popular in the Nordic countries. In the UK we believe our confectionery should be sweet - ask Sweden and Denmark and its whole different story. If you prefer more savoury to sweet these might just be the perfect snack.


Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, modified corn starch, sugar cane molasses, liquorice root extract, ammonium chloride 7%, flavourings, vegetable oil (palm), coating agent (beeswax), gelatine, coloring (E150c), flavours, thickener (gum arabic), glazing agent, salt

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